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What's Inside

Our Sharks and Rays

Depending on demand for our rescue services, we will normally have between 100 and 200 sharks and rays on site. 

Our goal is to treat as many injured sharks and rays as possible and get them rehoused. We also save a range of fish that would have otherwise been sold as food.

The species of sharks and rays at our centre varies but the species we commonly save are:


Blue Spotted Eagle Rays

Smooth Rays

Port Jackson Sharks

Blue Spotted Maskray


Eastern Fiddler Rays

stingaree resized

Australian Stingaree

shovelnose resized

Shovelnose Ray


Gummy Sharks

clownfish resized



long-finned eel cropped

Longfinned Eels

bluespotted maskray resized

...and more


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