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Snakes, Lizards & Birds

Snakes, Lizards & Birds

Our rescue family has grown to include some amazing snakes, lizards and birds.

Enjoy the wonderful experience of interacting with our beautiful rescue animals. It will make your day, and enriches their lives too.

Sunny, Monty and Bronty

Sunny, Monty and Bronty are all non-venomous Diamond Pythons that will reach, on average, nine feet long and about four inches in diameter. 

Fun Facts

  • They are nocturnal reptiles and have their beautiful patterns for camouflage. Ideally they hide in leaf litter at night, where all the small diamonds are disguised as dead leaves.
  • Pythons constrict their prey (by suffocating it) and eat it whole!
  • Baby Pythons survive on their own the minute they hatch, as the mother leaves her eggs so they have to fend for themselves.
  • They don’t have big teeth but they can open their mouths really wide to eat their prey.
  • Diamond pythons can generally live up to around 20 years or more in the wild.

Meet Cruiser, our Central Bearded Dragon (Leatherback)

This is Cruiser (we all call him Cruisy for his cruisy personality). He is a Central Bearded Dragon (Leatherback).

The previous owner of Cruisy didn’t give him the correct diet and lighting so he has a stunted growth and a few deformities, such as his under bite – which has grown on us all.

Pygmy Bearded Dragons

We have two beautiful Pygmy Bearded Dragons at our Rescue, Pancake and Maple. 

Fun Facts

  • All Bearded Dragons (including Pygmies) have a third eye (also known as a parietal eye). Located on the top of their head that detects change of light, so if a bird were to come from above they’d know!
  • They can hold their breath for up to two minutes under water when they are swimming.
  • They enjoy eating meat and plants.
  • Sociable and friendly, both with other lizards and with humans. As pets, they are affectionate and easy to care for.
  • There are only two species of lizards that can change colour, and Bearded Dragons are one of them! This is one way they communicate to each other as well as through posture – head bobbing and waving (hellooooo – hiya).
Maple - Pygmy Bearded Dragon
Maple - Pygmy Bearded Dragon
Pancake - Pygmy Bearded Dragon
Pancake - Pygmy Bearded Dragon
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Maple - Pygmy Bearded Dragon