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Become a Shark and Ray Rescuer!

At Home

Have you always wanted to feed your own sharks and rays?

Do you want a great aquarium that not only helps individual sharks and rays but also provides a great lifestyle?
How about we help you set up a Shark and Ray specific aquarium or build an OctoRanch to have at home! In fact you can take home and help us save:

  • Sharks
  • Rays
  • Eels
  • Octopus
  • Clownfish (nemo’s)
  • Other cool fish

You can help us train our animals whilst they are small and when they get bigger, bring them back and we will re-house them in a new public aquarium where they can live out long, happy lives educating the public about how important these animals are!

We build larger than normal aquariums on-site at the Shark and Ray Rescue Centre to order and run a Shark Swap’n’Go program when the sharks get a little bigger. We can provide all the training in Port Stephens so you will know how to give the absoloute best care for your sharks and rays.

As a Business

We are looking for exciting individuals to help us spread the word about these extremely cool animals. The Shark and Ray Cafe can go anywhere in the world and the Shark and Ray Resorts are one of the most creative ecotourism accommodation concepts around. Combining saving animals with education and a profitable business is a great way to live.


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