Port Stephens' Highest Rated Attraction.
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Butterflies on you, sharks swimming over you, nemos, seahorses, rescued turtles & more…….. A unique lunch like no other, be prepared to be mesmerised.

Sit in the WORLDS ONLY underwater café with our rescued sharks and rays swimming over you…

Watch nemo, seahorses and other cool marine fish swim in front of you whilst you enjoy one of our delicious cakes for morning/afternoon tea.

Lunch is included or have a muffin or croissant in our amazing rooms – all included with entry to the Shark, Ray and All Creatures Rescue.

Butterfly House

Sit down with up to 60 captive bred butterflies and least 5 species, have a snack/drink and just take in the vibe. These beautiful creatures captivate all ages and if you are lucky they might even land on you for a photo! It’s a colourful place.

The Underwater Cafe

Watch our rescued sharks and rays smiling down at you whilst you can enjoy our gourmet dogs, pies, sausage rolls or cakes. With 20 plus sharks rays and other fish swimming above you plus our huge table has baby and full grown seahorses, nemos, lionfish…… its  a full on aquarium experience! It’s a guaranteed 1 hour in these two rooms.

Rescued Birds and Turtles

“BONUS” Get to hangout with our rescued birds and turtles on the way out. We even give you a bit of feed to get the turtles going as well. Stay here for as long as you like.

Proceeds go to support Mental Health Intiatives