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The Shark, Ray & All Creatures Rescue Centre in Port Stephens

Rescuing - it makes a difference and there’s more to do at the Rescue!

One of the top things to do in Port Stephens you won't want to miss

There’s some stuff to do and see from Newcastle to Nelson Bay but the best attraction, is Port Stephens Animal Adventures. The things you can do include feed, pat and play with sharks, rays, and eels (you can even swim with them and the water is always 25 degrees!). You will see and pat our rescued snakes and lizards.

Includes a free Leopard Shark Feeding Encounter.

Experience the thrill with the Mega Ticket! Enjoy lunch under the sea in our unique cafe, meet an array of creatures from clownfish, seahorses to Macaws, and dare to encounter our exotic insects and arachnids. Delight in our Butterfly House and Underwater Café, and relish the freedom to return for a year with our complimentary pass. It’s a whirlwind of excitement and discovery!

Includes FREE 12 month PASS!

Shark, Ray and Reptile Ticket
(from $28)

All Day Entry to the Shark, Ray and All Creatures Rescue 

MEGA Ticket
(from $43 - FREE 12 MTH PASS)

Book Online Now and get your Shark, and Ray Food for FREE as well.

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Eagle ray Myliobatis tenuicaudatus resting on sandy bottom among rocks.