Open Today! 10am-4pm.

1400m2 of Indoor Pools-8 pools to feed 5 to go in with
Maximum 1 person per 12m2

“For us there is no more rewarding feeling than patting/feeding a shark or ray that had no chance of survival if we didn’t rescue it.”

Your 12 Month Pass

12 month pass only $19 kids/$29 adults/$92 family. You 12 month pass is valid for 12 months from the date of your first visit.

Our Sharks & Rays

Get to know our special rescue residents


Become a shark and ray rescuer. There's a way for everyone to help.

Rescuing - It Makes a Difference

We are passionate about giving these cool fish a second chance at life.

We work with local fisherman to save our sharks and rays. Instead of being sent to the market or dying in nets, we take in injured and at-risk by-catch. Some of the animals we have include Eagle Rays, Port Jackson Sharks, Fiddler Rays, Shovelnose Rays, eels.

Try our shark and ray encounter and you’ll meet all of these wonderful animals and more at Port Stephen’s Shark and Ray Rescue Centre. 

You are never too young...

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