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COVID-19 Update

We’re still open. All guests are required to wear masks while in the centre and check-in using the QR code provided when you arrive.

Australias most hands on Aquarium Experience
Pat and feed all our rescued sharks and rays

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Our Sharks & Rays

Get to know our special rescue residents


Become a shark and ray rescuer. There's a way for everyone to help.

Rescuing - It Makes a Difference

Feed, pat and play with over 100 sharks and rays.

You have the choice of staying dry and feeding our sharks and rays from the side, or hanging out with them in the water. Grab some Shark and Ray Food and feed them, or grab a coffee and pie and feed yourself! Want to get closer? Hop in the water with your swimmers or shorts!

Visit our Dog Friendly Venue and experience sea life in a new, hands-on way at the Shark & Ray Rescue Centre. 

About our shark and ray rescue centre

We work with local fisherman to save our sharks and rays. Instead of being sent to the market or dying in nets, we take in injured and at-risk by-catch. Some of the animals we have include Eagle Rays, Port Jackson Sharks, Fiddler Rays, Shovelnose Rays, eels, clown fish, koi and even yabbies!